Private Equity gets a Cybersecurity Upgrade

14th March 2024

Since investing in Assured Data Protection in October 2023, Soho Square Capital has adopted its data protection services across our business-critical IT systems. With cybersecurity an ever-bigger risk to businesses it is so important to keep data safe and ADP’s data security has really delivered for us with its simplicity, speed of back-up and efficient reporting. Whilst we had existing systems that backed up our data our eyes were opened to the improvements in the technology, the additional ransomware protections the Assured Data Protection managed service provides and the speed and demonstrably short recovery times offered by Assured.

Customer service:
We have been really impressed by the granularity of reporting with regular updates delivered to us for peace of mind.  The onboarding service was also extremely user-friendly with the whole system implemented in around 25 minutes. We have since had multiple reviews with Assured offering us the ability to tweak things to optimise the delivery for our particular needs.  
Speed of back-up:
Data is checked and backed-up every 2 to 4 hours meaning all data is consistent and easy to recover.  If there is an issue or breach it is resolved in hours rather than days and no data is lost.
We have found that because ADP is a cloud-first product it is cutting edge and works seamlessly with our business tools and hasn’t suffered from having to be adapted to the new environment over time like the older providers resulting in more clunky offerings.  It can provide protection for all size of companies and across multiple softwares and databases which is great for a business like ours which is always dealing with new investments and adopting new systems.  
Assured’s services are built around the industry leading Rubrik software to offer backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to large SME’s and Enterprises. Assured’s services allow organisations to install and use Rubik’s software through flexible capex / opex models with a fully managed service that offers tailored 24/7 support.
Daniel Ensor, Soho Square’s head of IT commented, “Having worked with so many other providers throughout my career it was such a smooth transition to ADP and I am continually impressed by their efficiency and customer service.  They are the ideal provider for a private equity firm such as ours where data is a key part of our business and any interruptions would cause massive inconvenience. Knowing that we can revert from a cyber incident in minutes, despite complex integrated systems and services gives me great peace of mind.”
Stew Parkin, CTO of Assured added, “It has been great to work with Soho Square since their investment in our business and show them exactly how we work.  We are well equipped for businesses of all sizes but working with nimble private equity operators juggling multiple portfolio companies is something we are particularly well set up to manage.”