Arcus - a leader in ESG


6th September 2023

At Soho Square, we’re committed to our Responsible Investment Policy and incorporating ESG guidelines into our investment decision-making processes and portfolio management operations. There is no better example of a portfolio company leading by example than Arcus FM.

Chris Green, CEO, Arcus FM: “Industry-leading ESG performance is vital for our business and our planet, and for realising our growth aspirations too. Arcus’ customer-base, and their customers, demand a service that protects planet and people, and takes positive steps to drive improved conditions right through our value chain. Our approach to Environment, Sustainability, Social Value and Governance are not just strategic initiatives to us, they’re in our DNA.”

Rhonda Nicoll, CFO and Head of ESG, Soho Square Capital: “We are committed to embedding Soho Square’s Responsible Investment Policy and ESG guidelines into our investment decision-making processes and portfolio management operations. We believe that responsible investing is an important element in supporting society’s move towards a sustainable economic future that will not only benefit our investors but will also deliver broader societal benefits.”

Please click here to read more about Arcus’ great work and Soho Square’s approach to Responsible Investment here.